D/Bond Explored Another Side of Web3 World at Web Summit in Lisbon

Desmo Labs
5 min readNov 25, 2022

It wasn’t just all fun for D/Bond at the 2022 Web Summit in Lisbon but a time to connect.

There were fun events, no doubt about it. But we were on ground to showcase our innovative contribution to the budding Web3 space as top brass in the tech world converged on the Portuguese capital. From the capabilities of our ERC-3475 standard, to the DID/KYC solutions that we built to cater to the decentralised finance (DeFi) space, November 1 to 4 provided us with the opportunity to reach out to another kind of public: the Web3 community.

And we were able to do that in-person.

D/Bond was showcased

The global event featured talks from tech experts, cultural icons and global policymakers, as well as interactive Q&A sessions, masterclasses, roundtables and speaker experiences. It was a time to learn about the current state-of-the-art progress in the fields of cloud computing, AI models research, global payments and compliant solutions. There were also talks about developing sustainable solutions, and ways to rebuild war-torn regions like Ukraine.

The objective for our team, however, was to utilise every window of opportunity presented by the event to push out our protocol’s innovative solutions by an inch. We did just that.

Visitors to our booth (A217) were agog with queries and the D/Bond team — -Yu Liu, Peng Ieng Lei, our blockchain engineer, Dhruv Malik, and Alan Michaud from the business development section — -were on hand to share details of what makes our protocol stand out with the prospective partners and other industry players. We answered questions, particularly with regards to how our DID/KYC platform addresses new regulations like the EU’s MiCA (more to come on that).

Given that our product portfolio provides comprehensive services to handle the issuance and transaction lifecycle of bonds, the various startups and companies that we received during the conference — including on the last day of our presentation at the booth — -were indeed optimistic about our value proposition to bring the much-needed advancement to have a mature and compliance-regulated securities market in DeFI.

The potential projects that were interested in being onboarded for our V1 version include innovative startups that want to monetise their alternative asset classes (be it intellectual patents, real-world assets, carbon credits, etc) by issuing bonds on-chain.

The projects were enlightened on how our solutions e.g. on-chain identity certification, Automated Pair Maker (APM), etc., will bolster investors’ interest in various categories of bonds while still offering transparent payment conditions.

The D/Bond team at Web Summit

We Networked

In addition to responding to direct enquiries, we also attended several side events.

For example, we were at the Filecoin Lisbon event where insightful talks — including the progress of the Filecoin virtual machine and how to build long term decentralised storage solutions — -were discussed. Of course, D/Bond saw the side event as an opportunity to identify interesting use cases such as building ERC-3475-based bonds using FIL tokens.

We were present at the Polygon builders jam event where there were discussions on the various companies building atop of the Polygon network, as well as ensuring the security of these projects (using Consensys security tools + Infura).

At the ETHLisbon hackathon that brought together Web3 builders, Malik mentored teams to build atop of yield farming protocols like Sommelier. He helped out some of the teams that are seeking to build basic MVPs even though they are still at their pre-ideation stage by giving them references and resolving issues in code compilation, pitching in front of judges, etc.

The mentorship session suggests one of D/Bond’s several ways to get more devs building on our standard bond and DID/KYC platform even as the Web3 space gets bigger with time.

D/Bond moved with Web3 community

There is no doubt that Web3 is set to be big. With the aim to achieve a web without human conflict of interest between creators and consumers of online content and applications, its premise to create a new internet infrastructure that is more secure, decentralised, and privacy-protecting based on using blockchain technology is quite promising.

In a recent report, Crypto.com describes the Web3 concept as that which is ushering a new era for the internet of value. It will give more ownership to the end user and promises an inclusive future through the building of more viable business models that emphasise security and compliance, innovating core technologies and encouraging growth in the ecosystem via investment and partnerships. It would also support responsible growth by managing environmental challenges, as well as develop more inclusive financial systems by lowering entry barriers and broadening access to minority groups in a secure way.

Going by the notion of Web3 getting bigger by the day, the array of features that D/Bond is offering within its ecosystem is sure to keep our team at the top of the game.

We made new friends, and we improved our relationship with existing ones. There are potential partners in view, like those scrutinising the lending strategy on our APM. Or the founder of the biggest token funding platform on Polkadot who is interested in the D/Bond’s fundraising solution.

The bottomline is: we were with the movers and shakers in the Web3 space in Lisbon. The Web Summit was a time to lay bare in-person all the projections that we have been making to some interested parties from afar. Not just because of the restrictions to movement heralded by the global health crisis, but for the distance and the inconveniences that go with virtual meetings e.g. time differences, tight schedules, limited time etc. Lisbon was a time for us all to reason together on how to complement one another, and we are glad we made it.

We had pretty strong leads in terms of potential clients and feedback (both positive and critical) which we will now work upon as we onboard our first potential proof of concept (PoC) projects by Q1 2023.

In the end, coupled with the fun part, it was a memorable event for our team and a useful addition to the D/Bond experience-gathering collection. We’ll cherish it for quite some time even as we prepare for our next gathering. Keep up with us as we share more details about the partners and the development process.