D/Bond Makes AWS Web3 Challenge Finalists List

Desmo Labs
3 min readNov 24, 2022

The D/Bond team has been selected as one of the finalists for the AWS Web3 Challenge.

Put together by Vestbee, a leading matchmaking platform for startups and investors in Central & Eastern Europe, our protocol is deemed fit to participate in one of the biggest online pitching events in Europe and EMEA with a potential to gain access to investors and corporates.

According to its selection criteria, being chosen for the AWS Web3 Challenge by Vestbee Online Pitching Session means D/Bond, like other finalists, has been able to convince organisers that it meets three key conditions. These are that our protocol is about a Web3 use case; that our platform is implementing real business scenarios and is an answer to real customer’s pains and needs; and that we have a live working solution.

With the capabilities of our pioneered ERC-3475 standard, and the DID/KYC solutions that we built to cater to the decentralised finance (DeFi) space, we sent in our application to participate in the Challenge and we were accepted.

“We are greatly honoured by this opportunity to be considered for this important challenge knowing how fully competitive it is to be selected,” says Yu Liu, the CEO of D/Bond. “This is a huge testament to our readiness to take up more responsibilities, even as we develop and deliver a viable solution to the problems facing the

Scheduled to hold on November 29, the online pitching session will first feature a panel discussion on the topic of “What is Web3? The future of the internet” with Michal Lewandowski from Elevator Ventures, Marcus Erken from Sunfish Partners, and Marcin Laczynski from Next Road Ventures. The judges would then proceed, based on set criteria, to assess the challenge’s finalists and select winners after the pitches.

The jury, composed of a board of business and technology specialists, will decide their scores on a scale of 1 to 10 based on five categories. The innovation category is to check for the innovativeness of the solution on offer, while business support is to determine how it responds to the real needs of a well-defined, painful, and a large group of potential customers. Another category is to understand how sellable the solution is to a potential customer in order to guarantee its scaling in terms of demand and sales success. Complexity will look into how simple or complex the solution is in terms of use, while the world changer category is to establish if the solution is beneficial for the world, civilization, humankind or the business sector in any area.

The benefits for participation are meant to help participants’ projects stabilise, scale, and reach new customers and markets. They include all challenge finalists getting access to $25,000-level in AWS credits to be used in the AWS Activate Program, and getting connected to the closed community of VCs participating in the event. Participants that emerge as winners will get access to $100.000- level in AWS credits as well as access to AWS Startup Loft Accelerator.

With the challenge aimed at promoting the best Web3 startups, Vestbee is supported by VC funds, corporates, business angels and accelerators such as Amazon, HubSpot, InnoEnergy, Engie, Credo Ventures, Next Road Ventures, Tera Ventures, EIT Digital or SABIC.