Debond Is Now Valued At $12.5 Million Following $500,000 Seed Funding Round

Debond is pleased to announce the completion of our seed funding round. Various prominent investors in the crypto and blockchain industry helped us reach our goal, allowing us to continually fine-tune our approach to decentralized bonds and collateralized debt obligations.

Successful Seed Funding Round

Our seed funding round has been a tremendous success. We raised $500,000 from this round, led by Bixin Ventures. Other participants include Spark Digital Capital, Collinstar Capital, Exnetwork Capital, HOT DAO (Hotlabs), Waterdrip Capital, Lotus Capital, Crypto Dorm Fund, and Wave Capital.

Debond is now valued at $12.5 million, thanks to this seed funding round. We would like to thank all backers for supporting our vision to build a future where decentralized bonds and collateralized debt obligations can provide a level playing field for institutions and consumers alike.

Debond CO-Founder Yohji S comments:

“We would like to thank all of our backers for the support and interest they have shown in Debond and our vision to take decentralized finance to the next level. The financial commitment will help our team achieve many more milestones moving forward, and enhance the appeal of the ERC-3475 token standard to help establish an alternative financial ecosystem.”

Our use of the ERC-3475 has tremendous potential to disrupt the financial industry. The token standard provides independent functions to read, transfer any collection of bonds, and to have bonds redeemable from the bond issuer if specific conditions have been met. Moreover, ERC-3475 can replace the ERC-20 liquidity provider tokens and make them store more information to support more sophisticated logic for DeFi-oriented redemption and reward systems.

The Future of Debond Looks Bright

The funds raised during our seed round will help Debond expand its Wallet and Decentralized Exchange solutions and let us explore more options for bonds and derivatives. Moreover, we will enhance our DeCapital solution to invest and incubate on-chain projects. We can use pledged assets of Debond to build up LP for other DeFi projects, invest in their seed phase, etc.

At Debond, we will continue to push the boundaries of enhancing yield farming solutions to make the DeFi industry more appealing to the mainstream. Moreover, our mission remains to build a more complex economic system revolving around the ERC-3475 bond standard.

Furthermore, we will continue pursuing listings on centralized and decentralized trading platforms.

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