We’re Building an Innovative Fundraising Future for Startups on Blockchain

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4 min readOct 21, 2022


Think of it as a much better way to raise funds for your innovative blockchain project. D/Bond’s market maker decentralised finance (DeFi) platform is tapping into the ubiquitousness and transparency of blockchain technology, in a new way, to connect what you have to offer with venture capital (VC) and retail investors.

What we have for you and your project is a single platform that offers a unique way to raise and invest money: through bonds. Aside from the pioneered ERC 3475 token standard on the Ethereum network for this purpose, the platform has other features including both primary and secondary markets to make access available to retail and institutional investors.

D/Bond’s fundraising platform for startups

While blockchain-based, it is nothing like the initial coin offering (ICO) which in its days saw the fundraising craze go incomprehensibly wild. All manners of scamming projects permeated the space with the aim to fleece users and show nothing for it.

Our offer is neither related to the exploitative initial exchange offering (IEO) that sees large and established crypto platforms take advantage of smaller and newer projects that are seeking exposure. Demands made by these exchanges, in some cases, contribute to killing off initiatives that could have taken advantage of the power of decentralisation brought about by blockchain to impact the world.

As we highlighted about our ecosystem, the D/Bond platform has an element that runs like a decentralised-like fund management firm. Known as the D/capital, this element handles the issuing of bonds to raise capital for projects while meeting specific investment goals for investors. It also helps generate income when money is borrowed from investors in the form of bonds to fund startups, amongst others. The pledged assets of verified bond issuers are used, among other things, to build up the liquidity pool for other DeFi projects, or invest in their seed phases, etc.

Linked to D/capital, also in our ecosystem, is the Decentralised Bond Governance Platform (DBGP) through which investment decisions are made using an on-chain proposal as a voting procedure. DBGP is our way to return decision-making power to the community through an open-sourced smart contract that enforces the encoded obligation.

These two investment management tools are tied to the D/Bond wallet which enables users to manage their accounts and their ERC-3475 assets in a variety of ways. The all-purpose wallet is compatible with Web 3.0 infrastructures such as decentralised apps (dApps) or blockchain-based games hence open to various DeFi projects. The D/Bond wallet is also a practical way to handle staking which allows digital assets to be used as collaterals to get bonds.

Addressing fundraising challenges

D/Bond is cognisant of the regulatory issues surrounding fundraising, particularly in the crypto and blockchain space. Hence we have designed a full KYC solution that enables users to decide who can own their bonds. To address the fundraising challenge of VCs not having guarantees from startups, our platform ensures that VCs are able to supervise and manage investments through smart contracts. This helps ensure the safety of their investments. Also, in other cases where VCs and investors are not able to exit before the IPO, our platform allows easy exit on our secondary market. We enable investors/VCs to sell their bonds before the company’s IPO.

We are starting as a platform that enables individuals and institutions to issue their decentralised bonds and derivatives to be traded on the secondary market. We have so far created the first-ever token standard to this effect (and it was accepted as an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 3475 by the Ethereum Foundation (EF). D/NFTs were introduced along the line to usher some early adopters into our new world of financial opportunities. Some D/Bond platform users have taken the advantage as we continue gunning for ‘the world’s biggest market’. Our aim is to bring access to the long-established bond market worth billions of dollars — and all the opportunities it represents to individuals, institutions, and projects — to meet blockchain.

At this stage, we are seeking to empower individuals and companies to raise funds from VCs and retail investors in a way that could see them take advantage of the DeFi bond market whose size we project could be worth $150 billion (based on the DeFi market cap of Q1 2022) in the future. Individuals and institutions are being offered the opportunity to build their own marketplaces where auction securities can be batched and offer unique Dutch Auction methods on secondary market exchanges.

We believe our platform has what it takes to address key challenges before the fundraising process. One of such is affording users the opportunity to grow rapidly with the Web3 decentralised web ecosystem. Our platform ensures secure investment at a rapid speed with a built-in personalisable KYC solution that saves costs by streamlining fundraising process as well as a decentralised identity (D/ID) standard which provides a universal on-chain identity system. We are keen to make deal negotiation easier than existing over the counter (OTC) solutions to ensure seamless money flows.

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