Seize the Opportunities of the Biggest Market with our D/NFTs

Here it comes, our D/NFT pre-sale.

We have already talked about how you can join D/Bond in its mission to reinvent bonds here (ICYMI).

It’s here: having finished our whitelisting, our D/NFT pre-sale is starting now!

You can start minting your D/NFTs from this weekend for 30 days — while you wait for the mystery boxes to be fully revealed later. As one of the top 500 most active members of D/Bond, you can use your discounts now to mint D/NFTs for free or at discounted prices.

The goal of the commemorative D/NFTs is not only to reward our community members. It is also to open up access to buying bonds on our financial platform as we continue working on a major step to bridge the gap between the bond market and the crypto space. To connect the two markets — the volatile cryptocurrencies on the one hand and the much more stable bonds on the other — will be game-changing.

Crypto/Bonds = DeFi + TradFi

The crypto market touched an all-time high market cap of $3 trillion in November 2021. The upsurge was led, in part, by the spike in the prices of Bitcoin and Ether. The latter one’s native network, Ethereum powers virtually all the decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols that have made significant inroads into replicating most traditional finance (TradFi) functions, except for bonds, despite the DeFi growing to $120 billion in February 2022.

The bond market, on the other hand, has been seeing some action recently. Growth fears in large economies where volatility remains high, continue to make them an effective fixed-income instrument. As IOUs issued by governments and companies, held by the public, bonds stand out as a tool for wealth preservation in uncertain times. However, their accessibility, the rigorous institutional process to issue bonds remain major hurdles for everyone to enjoy the stability of bonds, leverage individuals’ financial risks.

What we are changing about bonds

D/Bond is offering a solution to the needs of both the crypto and bond markets. We are creating a synergistic ecosystem for the two markets to be connected. In the face of an uncertain economic environment, and a worsening outlook, our proposition is to make bonds accessible to as many as possible to play a safe haven role, especially in DeFi. We are bringing “the world’s biggest market”, the long-established bond market worth billions of dollars — and all the opportunities it represents — for individuals as well as institutions and make it easily accessible on the blockchain.

We are glad you are with us on the steady course of this journey.

D/NFTs’ design represents this historic moment of entering a new world of financial opportunities by bringing the world’s biggest market, the bond market to the blockchain.

With crypto and blockchain technology already ushering in Web3, D/Bond is paving the way for a future where bonds, too, are decentralised. The Web3 evolution is rooted in decentralisation and promises so much — faster, more secure, and open Internet. This concept is coming with a space that is devoid of centralised intermediaries for higher efficiency with much lower transaction costs and better user privacy. We are tapping into the future to offer the freedom to invest, acquire goods and services, and make money in a new way.

The idea was once a mirage. But with our innovation of the first-ever Ethereum Foundation-approved blockchain bond standard, ERC-3475, and the investor and community interest we have received so far, we can already see the biggest market joining the blockchain.

D/NFT is your first chance to be a part of it. Take it.



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