So It’s Official

Maybe you have seen it here and there. Maybe you thought it was just a coincidence. Perhaps, a typo.

But now it’s official: we have made big changes to our brand.

Goodbye, Debond Protocol! Hello, D/Bond.

We have quite a few new thoughts and ideas — even if the mission remains the same.

Take : this is our first post on the platform. From here on, we have a Mirror-first policy. That is where you will see tWe see Mirror as part of a broader strategy of shifting away from Web2 platforms towards Web3. As a DeFi company, we do not only believe in decentralisation, we try to live up to it as much as possible, step by step.

But the bigger change is in our visual identity. Let us walk you through our train of thought quickly.

This is how we have picked the slash sign (/) — also a small nod to the role of computer programming languages, full of forward and backward slashes. Simple, yet power signs conveying a lot of meanings, sometimes conflicting ones.

We incorporate the slash into every product we develop. The slash connects — as well as separates.

We honour the company’s registered headquarters in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Estionia is a leading eastern European start-up nation on the rise in digital technology following decades of Soviet occupation. See more at

And we take clues from progress in European fine art.

Vincent van Gogh — Starry Night (1889) (Source: Wikimedia)
Franz Marc — The First Animals (1913) (Source:
Kazimir Malevich — Suprematism with Blue Triangle and Black Square (1915)
Swiss design is an obvious inspiration for us. It is simple, transparent, and easy-to-understand. The country’s trusted, traditional financial industry — even if often rightfully criticised — also provides a connotation that we rely on. (Source:
We have been thoroughly impressed by the Barcelona-based Diatomic Studio’s mesmerising pattern experiments.

It is this simplicity and the striving for transparency which guides our style: the lines, shapes, and colours that we use.

Such a simple, almost bare design also represents that it is not only us who are at the beginning of our journey. Web3 is only laying its foundations, too. And we are thrilled and hopeful to be a part of it.

A bold typeface for a bold mission.
Slash/Oblique. A simple, yet powerful line.
Just a few simple lines can convey complex thoughts and ideas. Liquidity pool, anyone?

So it’s official: we are well on our way on this exciting journey — with many exciting things coming very soon.

Join us in building a more efficient and stable DeFi.

Twitter: @DebondProtocol


Pitch Deck:


Product Timeline: a demo of our frontend is available here (use test Ether in the HECO chain for some operations).




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