The Decentralized Bond Platform Debond Enters Into A Strategic Partnership With Lotus Capital

Desmo Labs
2 min readNov 10, 2021

Our fundraising process has taken a positive turn with Lotus Capital officially participating in our seed round. This is very exciting news. Lotus Capital is an excellent team with deep investment experience in the Arab region, and has helped many start-ups to achieve better development.

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Debond as a pioneer in creating a fully decentralized bond ecosystem, we propose erC-3475 standard specifically for bond ecology, and plan to build ecological product support for the industry based on this standard. We hope to add an important link to the stable and prosperous blockchain economic system. We are honored to have Lotus Capital support for this vision and believe that this partnership will help us grow.

About the Debond Protocol

Debond is a decentralized bond ecosystem platform to build a true decentralized bond ecosystem for Defi market through our proposed ERC-3475 standard. We offer DEX, wallet, and visual bond design tools based on the ERC-3475 standard. Any institution or individual can design their own bond product to raise capital through a visual programming interface with very low technical barriers.

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