The Decentralized Bond Protocol Debond Enters Into A Strategic Partnership With Waterdrip Capital

Thanks to the attention and support of our partners and friends in the community, the seed round portion of the Debond Protocol funding has gone very well over the past four weeks. Today, we are pleased to welcome another important supporter: Waterdrip Capital. Waterdrip Capital’s support for its partners goes beyond funding, and we look forward to seeing Waterdrip Capital bring positive changes to this partnership and Debond’s development based on its leading industry position and comprehensive resources.

About Waterdrip Capital

Waterdrip Capital, officially established in 2017 by several senior practitioners who were first involved in the blockchain industry in China, is an international investment institution focused on the blockchain vertical. Waterdrip Capital is committed to becoming an organic bridge between the traditional financial market and the blockchain ecology, actively investing in high-quality projects in the blockchain industry, deeply participating in the ecological construction of the global digital economy, comprehensively building a future-oriented digital financial infrastructure, and continuously progressing to provide better professional services to institutional clients and potential blockchain startup teams in the financial sector.

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About Debond Protocol

There has been a lack of truly decentralized bond products in the Defi market due to the lack of standards and infrastructure suitable for bonds. As a pioneer in creating a fully decentralized bond ecosystem, Debond has proposed the ERC-3475 standard specifically for bond ecology, and based on this standard, plans to build ecological product support for the industry, adding an important link to the stable and prosperous blockchain economic system. We offer a DEX Wallet based on the ERC-3475 standard, as well as visual bond design tools. Any institution or individual can design their own bond product to raise capital through a visual programming interface with very low technical barriers.

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